Meet Our Awesome Service Club Partners!


Around The Campfire: Meet Our Awesome Service Club Partners!

Campfire Circle is grateful for the loyal and ongoing support of service clubs. These generous friends and neighbours helped us build and maintain our sites, and remain involved to this day! We are grateful for your amazing support.

Lions Club

Thanks to their dedication and commitment to our cause spanning decades, the Lions Club recently raised funds in support of accessibility projects at our Muskoka site. We are grateful to the Lions across the province for their passion in sharing the power of camp with their constituents, and leading the charge in their loyal commitment to children and families experiencing cancer in Ontario.

Odd Fellows & Rebekahs two people presenting a donation cheque

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs Assembly of Ontario have been longtime supporters and their passion for our mission has been a focus for their membership across Ontario. Over the years, they have dedicated funds to support children and families in Eastern Ontario, helping establish the physical space for camp at OuR Island which is fondly named for them. As long-standing partners committed to helping as many children and families in Ontario, the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are actively involved with helping build a future for every child and family to have the opportunity to experience healing through happiness at camp.

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