Accountability to our community

We believe in being accountable to you. You’ll find our annual and impact reports below, a list of donors and volunteers, and links to financial and policy information. View our report on the CRA Charity Directorate’s website here.

Impact reporting

The impact of our programs is felt in the daily lives of kids and families affected by childhood cancer through in-hospital, community, overnight camp programs, and now virtual programs. Our 2022 impact report is now available. In it, you’ll discover that even COVID-19 can’t stop camp!

2022 Impact Report

Latest annual report

Campfire Circle is passionate about building a world where children thrive and families heal. Through our in-hospital, community and overnight camp programs, Campfire Circle fosters resilience, wellbeing and lifelong connections for kids with cancer or serious illness and their families. This year was all about building back community, and returning 2,000 campers and their families to in-person programs!

2022 Annual Report Annual Reports

Latest financial statement

View our financial statements and our list of generous donors and volunteers below.

2022 Financial Statement Financial Statements

Thank you for making a difference in 2022

2022 Donors

To our valued community members—every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. Questions and concerns can be directed to Emma McNamara, Officer, Donor Experience at 416-961-6624 ext. 243, or

Donors Volunteers

campers on adventure course at camp wearing protective helmets and harnesses with trees in the background

Organization Policies

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Complaints policy

Complaints policy

Accessibility policy

Accessibility policy

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