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Find out why the Wise Family Foundation supports Camp!

Since 2002, the Wise Family Foundation has been by our side. Their tremendous generosity and kindness have helped us make great strides in fulfilling our mission—to reach every child and family affected by childhood cancer in the province so they can experience the magic and friendship of camp.

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Wise family standing together in front of building outside

Mary Pat’s Story

Legacy CAMPFIRE CIRCLE founder and dedicated champion, Mary Pat Armstrong shares why she believes in the magic of camp.

Ron & Deb’s Story

Ron Williamson and Deb Steiss, Brave Spirit Circle donors and archaeologists share why giving to us is an important part of their legacy.

Mike Baldassarra’s Story

Knowing people personally affected by childhood cancer brings more meaning to "giving back". Learn about Greenpark Homes' role in laying the foundation for the CAMPFIRE CIRCLE Muskoka expansion.

The Sharp’s Story

Inspired by their grandchildren—former camp volunteers—Mr. & Mrs. Sharp believe in camp, and supporting healing through happiness.

If you would like to share your camp story with us, please contact:

Michelle Guignard

Development Coordinator, Annual Giving

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