It’s not just a regular summer conference, it’s our Spark Teen Conference!

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Can we get an OH YEAH? This summer is about reconnecting. Just when teen Campers need it the most, they can find their inner joy and passion at the virtual Spark Teen Conference!

This annual tradition engages teens and teaches them life skills that will stick with them well after their cancer journey. This summer, what better way to do that than with friends from camp, especially when our summer theme is “Ignite Your Light”!

Teens will participate in team-building exercises, leadership development activities, and learn new skills – finding their inner spark and making their mark in their community. From cooking classes and guest speakers to a virtual music festival – we’ve got everything covered!

Thanks to amazing donors and volunteers like you, we’re able to help provide the necessary development tools and resources to teens across Ontario.

*Camper and family names and images have been changed to protect privacy

“My teenage daughter, Sarah, was so thrilled to see her camp-in-a-box kit with all the activities inside! She had no idea what was inside and was blown away. Thank you so much for bringing her so much joy and excitement! She is super excited about virtual summer camp again this year.” – Teen Camper Parent

Stefani’s Story

Stefani shares how Camp made the cancer journey easier and gave her a place she didn't feel different.

Stephanie’s Story

Camp gave Stephanie a place of belonging and provided an opportunity for her to connect with other teens that were going through the exact same roller coaster ride that she was.

Share your story

If you would like to share your camp story with us, please contact:

Michelle Guignard

Development Coordinator, Annual Giving

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