Our Vision

group of people sitting together watching the sunset


Campfire Circle is a world where children thrive and families heal.


We foster resilience, well-being and lifelong connections for children with serious illness and their families through camp-inspired programs.

Values and Guiding Principles


We hold our Campers and their families at the heart of all we do. We support the well-being and development of staff and volunteers. We provide enriching experiences in a safe and caring environment, working with our healthcare partners.


Campfire Circle strives to provide equitable access to our programs and we are committed to ongoing improvement. We believe diversity makes us stronger. Everyone is welcome and respected.


We are committed to building community by making joyful moments that ignite laughter, create memories and build meaningful, lifelong friendships through shared experiences.


We create an environment that fosters trust and transparency. We are focused on the impact of our programs on all of our stakeholders.


We preserve and protect the lands used by Campfire Circle. We consider environmental sustainability in our decision-making.

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