Oscar’s Story

A bright ray of sunshine

Heather, thank you for sharing your kind words about the impact camp has had on Oscar and your family.

Close up shot of Oscar with helmet on climbing the high ropes course at CAMPFIRE CIRCLE Muskoka

Dear Camp Staff & Volunteers,

A card written with “Thank You” on it could never fully explain why our family is so grateful to you all.
Oscar has been off treatment for just over a year now. The scars that childhood cancer inflicts on the whole family are so deep and have so many layers.
As random people ask, “How did you get through four years of treatment?” I have noticed time and time again that the common thread is camp.
Your organization is not just made up of individuals who pass through our lives—it is made up of individuals that become part of our lives.

The cancer journey can be dark. Then there is you; always a bright ray of sunshine. No matter how sick, how scared, how nervous or how isolated Oscar felt, you gave him something to look forward to each day.

Your visits were often the only thing that got him through some days, and to be truthful seeing his face light up with a smile when you were around was often the only thing that got me through the day.

Time spent with you was pretty much the only time Oscar was able to be a kid, not a kid with cancer.

Let’s not forget Liam, our other son. No matter what, you always made him feel important. You always had a smile and a high five for him. You gave him something to do when he had to spend another day in the hospital being our last priority (hate to admit that). You allowed him to be Liam, not just the brother of Oscar (the kid with cancer).

I want you to know you are a very large part of what got us through those years. You brought sunshine.

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