Music helps Campers find their voice and step into their own

camper playing ukulele with staff member

Our in-hospital team met a shy six year old. As she became more comfortable with them, they began to see her blossom. Still, with others, she remained shy.

Then she came to overnight camp. During her group’s sing along, Campers were taking turns picking songs from the songbook to sing together. When her turn came, she asked for ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman—a song not in the song book. While everyone was looking for it in the songbook, she began to sing the entire song, from beginning to end.

The instructor quickly found the chords and played along with her. That afternoon, she signed up to perform her song in front of the entire camp.

You could have heard a pin drop as she sang her heart out in front of a crowd. Needless to say, she received enormous applause and a standing O—where everyone stands, and makes an O shape with their arms.

She was more confident during the rest of her time at camp. She had a wonderful first summer at camp, and music was an integral part of it!

*Camper and family names and images have been changed to protect privacy

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