Medical volunteers make milestones memorable

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Eight-year-old Paddy had never been to camp. In fact, there were a lot of things he had never done. He made it his mission to experience as many “firsts” over his two weeks at camp. He enlisted his cabin counsellor to help him keep a list–starting with the thing he wanted to do most—swim in a lake!

Because he was on treatment at the time, Paddy had a port to help deliver his chemotherapy.

At camp, we don’t let something like that stop kids from enjoying the lake and watersports, so Paddy headed to the Med Shed every day to have his port wrapped by a nurse, and then to have it unwrapped when he was finished. This wrapping and unwrapping can be time consuming for medical staff, so normally children like Paddy only visit the Med Shed once per day before the water-based activity of their choice.

However, he was so enthusiastic that the nurses couldn’t help but make an exception for him. Some days he was back every 90 minutes!

At the end of the week, Paddy’s counsellor brought his list of firsts to closing ceremony. Swimming, rock climbing, waterskiing, playing the ukulele…there were so many firsts to celebrate! Paddy had definitely earned the Special Award he was presented with that night.

*Camper and family names and images have been changed to protect privacy



Hyun-woo definitely had a favourite volunteer counsellor at camp. He loved hanging out with all his cabin mates, especially at the swim dock, but when it was time to go to the Med Shed, Scott was the one he wanted to go with him. Scott and Hyun- woo would read together, chat, or sometimes just sit beside each other quietly while Hyun-woo received IV chemotherapy.

One day toward the end of the session while Scott sat with him, Hyun-woo casually mentioned that today was his last dose of chemo.

“Pal, why didn’t you tell me?” asked Scott excitedly. “We should have planned a celebration!” Hyun- woo shrugged. “I just kinda forgot,” he said. “There was so much other fun stuff going on.”

The activities at camp were enough to make this Camper completely forget a major milestone.

Luckily, there was still time to arrange a dance party with the Body Shop team and apple pie with Hyun- woo’s cabin to mark the special occasion.

*Camper and family names and images have been changed to protect privacy

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