Kids being kids in the hospital

One of the highlights of the year came during a particularly successful Camp Day in the hospital where a fun theme consumes the entire day, and the entire ward.

The theme was “So You Want To Host A Talk Show” and the Campers developed their own late night talk show called “Past Your Bedtime”.

The day was spent making fake microphones and bowties out of duct tape, getting our program staff “camera ready” by applying loads of makeup, and recording segments for the show on a video camera. Campers took turns recording introductions to the show and interviewing each other, the staff and their parents.

There were special musical performances by the Campers and the day ended with a camp version of carpool karaoke. It started with a modest number of Campers—four pretended to sit in a car with staff and sang ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana. The sounds of the Campers singing and laughing attracted more people to join, and soon the room was full of folks singing along, all pretending to ride in a giant car.

By the end, we had 10 Campers, two clowns, three nurses, one doctor, and a handful of parents in the room and in the halls, singing and dancing along to the tunes and smiling from ear to ear. Among those that joined that day were Campers and families who had been in the hospital for weeks – some freshly out of isolation.

That afternoon, we turned the 8th floor of SickKids into the place to be. Bringing positivity, levity, friendship and fun is what camp in the hospital is all about. Giving families a break and a reason to laugh and smile is why we do what we do best!

*Camper and family names and images have been changed to protect privacy

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