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Here are just a few voices from around our campfire. These kind and caring donors choose to make their gift to camp every month, ensuring that there is always a spark to keep the campfire burning!

Elizabeth: Medicine Saved My Child, Camp Saved My Family family standing together for picture

32 years ago, cancer and camp joined our family. My son, Patrick, was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 2 ½ and we were at Camp Trillium OuR Island the very next summer. Our first year, the dining platform didn’t even have walls—they were tarps! But it didn’t matter for a moment. From our first minutes at camp, we were surrounded by fun and by love. My late husband John and I met other parents going through the same thing and we felt seen and understood. We shared stories and experiences without judgement or fear. My husband passed away from a heart attack in 2004 and we never went back to camp, but it lives forever in our hearts. A friend took all his camp T-shirts and made a quilt for me—I can feel the love sewn in every stitch and I treasure it. Five years ago I reconnected with camp as a volunteer, supporting families just like mine. I also make a monthly gift to Campfire Circle now, and I tell you, every month I have this brief and joyful mom moment of reflection when I see my bank statement. I know the impact I am having on other families, and it makes me feel lighter. I’m so grateful for all our camp experiences, and that my son Patrick is a strong, resilient, two-time childhood cancer survivor!

Michael, Naomi, Jonah & Jaffa: Giving As a Familyfamily standing together outside, smiling on the beach

Jonah is 13 and Jaffa is 10. When Naomi and I started giving them allowance, we also gave them a Tzedakah box, which is a Jewish charity box. They give $1 of their $5 a week to camp, and my wife and agreed to match it. Making this donation monthly just made it easier to keep track of, and it feels so good knowing their generosity is at work all the time. Camp really resonates with all of us—our kids love their own camp experiences and our hearts go out to kids with cancer, especially now. I’m so proud of our kids for sharing what they have. And knowing that our gifts bring joy to kids, helps a few more families get to camp every year, that’s worth every penny. – Michael

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