Ivan, Daphne, Khanya and Kenzo: Ignite Your Lights!

family standing on dock at camp for a picture

You might remember hearing from this family earlier in the year. Khanya and her family just returned from camp, and here’s what they had to say!

Khanya: I really love archery so much! I even took classes close to home, but they stopped during COVID. I was so happy to have had the chance to do it again and had so much fun.”

Kenzo (Khanya’s brother): I really loved climbing the largest rock wall and even though it was difficult, I did not give up and kept on pushing myself until I reached the top.

Daphne (Khanya’s mom): “On a rainy Sunday morning, I enjoyed recording the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ with my family! In an hour, my Kenzo and I rehearsed on the ukulele, as Khanya and Ivan practiced the vocals. After one take, and a retake, we winged it together and brought home one special recording of our song! And when we left, guess what? The sun was shining!

Ivan (Khanya’s dad): What will stay with me forever is our experience stargazing. I used to stargaze with my dad when I was a boy. When you look through a telescope, as my dad showed me, you see that stars have depth and that they are so sparkly and shimmery. You just get lost in them. My dad would say, ‘everything around you, son, even this dust at your feet and the skin on your
arms, that comes from the stars. You are part of the stars. Look how far you have come and just imagine what you can do.’ As a family, we are so proud and happy to donate a telescope that will stay up at camp. This telescope represents the light that camp has shared with us, and it’s our way of giving that light to others.

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