Campfire Forever!

kristine standing on a dock on the water at camp

Camp is a feeling. A feeling I will cherish forever. I was one of the first Campers at Camp Trillium. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 8, and I attended for nearly 10 years with both my sisters. I remember seeing other kids losing their hair, wearing a wig and not feeling alone. I felt this overwhelming and joyful sense of relief, where I fit in just perfectly just by being myself. I’ll always support camp as donor and a volunteer, and my husband and I have also made the decision to leave camp in our Will. I remember my parents telling me years ago that they had put camp in their Will, and I always knew in my heart that I would do the same. When our daughter was born, and it was time for us to write our Will, it felt really good to know that we had made a plan for her and our family, but also that we will help camp forever. If you’re considering a gift in your Will, I want you to know that it doesn’t matter how much you choose to give. Some people think that leaving money in a Will is only for rich people, that you have to leave a lot to make an impact. And that’s just not true. Every gift helps. Every bit counts. – Kristine, Camper, Volunteer

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