Zellers plush bear Zeddy makes a cuddly comeback while supporting Campfire Circle

zeddy bear

Zeddy, the beloved stuffed bear that captured the hearts of Canadians for decades is back. With every purchase of the plush bear, $5 will go to support Campfire Circle in delivering healing through happiness to kids with cancer or serious illness and their families.

Zeddy has been part of the Campfire Circle family since 2012, following a nation-wide contest to find him a new home at the time. Campfire Circle was voted on and chosen by Canadians, and they welcomed him with open arms.

With his family now encompassing both Zellers and Campfire Circle, Zeddy’s heart is full. He retains his signature big eyes and infectious grin. His nostalgic yellow shirt has transitioned to a vibrant Zellers red, featuring the new typeface.

Available at 25 in-store locations and at additional pop-ups within Hudson’s Bay stores across the country, Zeddy is ready for cuddles beginning October 27. Starting October 30, the 15-inch adorable companion can be purchased on the brand new zellers.ca website.

Bring Back Zeddy!

“When we announced that Zellers would open stores inside Hudson’s Bay locations, the number one request across the country was to Bring Back Zeddy!,” says Sophia Hwang-Judiesch, President, Hudson’s Bay. “So many Canadians grew up with Zeddy, not only the plush toy version, but also Zeddy the mascot who visited hospitals, attended special events and hosted birthday parties. We’re so excited to continue his support of Campfire Circle and bring Zeddy back with a purpose.”

“We’re so grateful for the support of Zellers and their customers who are helping to bring healing through happiness to kids with cancer or serious illness and their families across Ontario,” says Alex Robertson, CEO, Campfire Circle. “The funds raised through the purchase of Zeddy bears will support our programs that improve kids’ overall well-being, help them build resiliency, and develop life-long friendships.”

zellers announcement videoWatch the announcement video

More about Zeddy

Zeddy’s extraordinary journey began in 1986 when he was born on a frosty, clear day in the woods of Northern Canada. He made his first appearance at a Zellers store in Winnipeg. Very quickly he became a beloved and cherished figure. Zeddy’s look has evolved over time—from a plush white sweater in the ’90s, then switching to a bright yellow sweater in the 2000s. Now, in 2023, Zeddy returns with a brand-new look, sporting a vibrant Zellers red shirt.

What sets Zeddy apart is not just his charming appearance but his enduring commitment to spreading joy. In his initial years, Zeddy was a staple in Zellers stores, delighting children and families wherever he went. He brought smiles to birthday parties, made hospital and school visits, and participated in various community and charitable events.

Welcome back Zeddy! Thank you for supporting Campfire Circle.

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