“DOUGHNUT WAS HERE! That’s how I want to be remembered forever.” Normand’s Story: Legacy Circle

doughnut standing in front of the climbing wall

“I’ve been a camp volunteer for 17 years, since I was in high school and did a co-op placement at Sick Kids. I knew right away: I need to do this, I love this. Today, I’m a social worker with a focus on kids and families and camp will always be part of my life and my story. That’s why I’m part of the Legacy Circle and leaving a gift in my Will to Campfire Circle.

Actually, I have my own personal ‘Camp Bingo Card’ filled with all the different ways I can help: day camp, overnight camp, winter camp, bereaved siblings camp, outings, events, eventually I hope to serve on the board… I truly want to experience camp in all aspects. I’m even getting my Bronze Cross right now so I can do more at the waterfront. It’s so important to me that I want to do it all!

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that everything I do is for the kids, every minute, every session. I’m grateful for the breadth of experiences I get at camp: moments of pure joy, individual victories and triumphs, quiet and gentle times of genuine connection… I love it all. And I want it to keep going forever. Part of writing my Will was truly reflecting on my values, and camp is my life story. Someday, in the future, my gift will go to where it is most needed at that time. And, for me, that’s a moment of: DOUGHNUT WAS HERE! I honestly don’t think I can be better remembered.”

– Normand (known by campers as Doughnut), Volunteer, Legacy Donor

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