Your Camp Adventure Updates!

mother and son painting on a picnic table


Stories about how you’re helping right now, and all summer long!

Together with donors’ amazing support, we are welcoming campers for daily adventures and events. Here are just a few kids and families who are impacted by your kindness and generosity.

Follow That Butterfly! Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa was just three years old when she got sick. In the early stages, you’re reeling but there’s also this constant realization of how your world has shrunk and how much the whole family is sacrificing and missing out. Camp was what brought us joy, from the first minute we met in the hospital.

camper in the hospital with campfire circle staff member

Everything about camp is planned for kids and families to have a blast and make everyone feel special. And what they do for Alyssa’s siblings, Anthony and Avaya, is just phenomenal. Siblings are unsung heroes, and they need and deserve their own healing journey. You know that saying, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup?’ Camp helps fill my cup so I can pour back into my kids’.

Our Sporting Life 10K experience this year was extra special, because our baby’s last day of treatment was right before the run, so it was a celebration and victory run for our family! It’s so heartwarming to know about other people and families who support camp—thank you!
– Tania, Camp mom

“I felt like I could breathe again…” The Keeler Family Story

Here in Kingston, we heard about camp during a clinic visit. I’m a nurse and I admit to being nervous—it felt like we had been in a bubble for years and it felt like Megan was so fragile. Megan was being tube fed at the time, and I remember packing up for family camp and worrying about whether we were making the right decision. But then I saw the setup in the camp kitchen, which was fully accessible, they even had a blender for us! That first summer at camp saved us—seeing your kid so sick just breaks you.

family standing around a campfire

mother and son painting on a picnic table

Megan, and our sons Evan and Nathan, loved everything about camp. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces, and there was so much choice for anything we wanted to do. We laughed the whole weekend. Campfire Circle has become part of our lives, where we’ve found friends and connections. Evan wants to volunteer and join as a counsellor, which makes me so proud. The staff and volunteers are so positive and energetic, they are excellent role models for our kids, and for everyone.
– Erin, Camp mom

Izel’s Adventures: From Ottawa, With Magic!

Izel has been to family camp, March Break camp and will be returning to overnight camp this summer. There really is something magical about Izel’s connection to camp—Harry Potter is her favourite and that was the theme in March! She was even there for her birthday, and was overjoyed to celebrate with all her camp friends.

lopez daly family standing in front of fireplace at campcamper making magic at camp with wand

At family camp, Izel wanted to perform in the talent show, but she was too nervous. I held her hand and she gave it a go—and had the best time! She also plays trumpet and sings, and I know she’ll be singing and playing her heart out this summer, too.
– Rachelle, Camp mom

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