Artists in Training Week


It was Artists in Training Week at the Children’s Hospital here at London Health Sciences Centre. We want to share some wonderful work with you.

We started the week with canvas painting. A seven-year-old patient remarked this was the best day! He taught one of our in-hospital program specialists how to paint this wonderful painting. He had so many ideas he wanted to include and got so excited about how he could mix colours to make his vision come to life. When his mom video called to see how he was doing, she was so happy to see he was doing something fun. At the end of the interaction, he asked if he could do more fun things tomorrow—to which the answer was yes!

artwork 1

A teen had the idea to make something that really sparkled. Luckily, our staff had the perfect thing to make that happen – glitter! It was the perfect day to use an entire container of gold glitter to help create a masterpiece because today was not only a day where our patient got to feel like an artist, it was also the day she was getting to ring the bell. We were honoured she wanted to spend her day painting with us to create this beautiful piece of artwork.

artwork 2

For a six-year-old boy and his mom, camp is something they look forward to when they come for their regularly scheduled in-patient stays where he receives chemotherapy. “He’s always so happy when you come to see him! It makes such a difference in our stay here at the hospital. Thank you for coming and for making it so much fun!”

artwork 3

We had first met on the in-patient unit and now again in the out-patient unit. She was so excited when she saw the Campfire Circle braid at her door and quickly welcomed the programming specialist into the room! As part of our Artist’s In Training Week we used different tools to create texture in our art. Today we were using forks, Q-tips, and cotton balls. She had the best time painting a hedgehog. Why a hedgehog? Well, because it always makes people laugh!

During the week, we did salad spinner art, drip paint art, DIY foam paint and chalk art—we were busy! That’s because when you meet a patient who loves spending time with Campfire Circle staff AND who loves crafting, the sky is the limit.

Thank you donors for helping us create these experiences that bring joy and laughter to kids with serious illness in hospitals. Last year, your donations helped us deliver 5,600+ experiences across SickKids, McMaster and at the Children’s Hospital.

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