Giving Tuesday Campaign Launches with a Focus on Campfire Circle’s In-Hospital Programming

Across Ontario, hospitals are grappling with the triple threat of influenza, COVID-19 and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). In response, Campfire Circle is launching our Giving Tuesday campaign to focus on our in-hospital bedside programs—with every donation made on and before November 29 triple matched by the Ever Hopeful Fund up to $100,000.

As pediatric occupancy across the GTA jumped from 85 per cent in mid-October to over 120 per cent in mid-November, our programs play a critical role in supporting kids and families in hospital, as they face longer wait times and report greater feelings of isolation.

“Taylor* has been in hospital for 87 days. When you’re six years old, 87 days feels like a lifetime,” says Samantha Rennie, In-Hospital Program Specialist, Campfire Circle. “In consultation with her medical team, they told me that it’s critically important for her to get moving immediately and keep moving as much as she can, all in the hope that she can walk out of here sometime before the end of the year.”

“I knew exactly what to do. We play ‘statues,’ where we go walking in the halls and we freeze when anyone sees us. Our nurses and doctors got into it right away, and Taylor bursts with giggles when everyone plays along. After a while she gets really tired and we need to head back to her room, but I can see her progress already, and she’s just delighted by the game! Luckily, when we get back to her room she’s always up for playing with slime. With the support of donors, I’ve made huge batches of winter slime—it’s light blue with glitter and snowflakes. Taylor always wants to add googly eyeballs and I’m here for that.”

Whether it’s a $25 slime-making kit, a $250 winter cheer pack or a $1,500 donation for camp in the clinic, all programs help to improve kids’ mental health and overall wellbeing, and gives kids the space to just be kids.

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You are providing more kids and families with critical in-hospital programs that bring joy and laughter during the challenging busy season.

*Taylor’s name has been changed for privacy issues

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