Photos, Stories and Moments from Camp—Thanks to your generosity!

staff members posing for photo with volunteer outside cabin at camp

It’s hard to express in words what reco­­nnecting in person, at camp, meant for our kids, families, staff and volunteers. The energy, the laughter, the tears of joy…it was nothing short of a miraculous reunion for everyone involved. All of this was only possible because of amazing people like you. We literally could not do what we do without our loving and devoted donors and volunteers—it blows me away and makes all the difference to campers and families!

Every day, I find myself in awe of the quality and intentionality of everything we do at camp—our facilities, our unique programs and especially in our staff team. The creativity with which our summer staff dive into making camp exceptional for the diverse needs of every single camper and family is truly astonishing. None of this awe and astonishment would be possible without your support. We’re resilient because of the tremendous support of donors like you, who give what you can to keep camp going. Thank you!
—Matt, Camp Director, Campfire Circle Rainbow Lake

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