Lillian went to camp and lived her best life…

staff member and camper sitting at the waterfront at camp

I very earnestly packed pre-addressed and stamped envelopes in Lillian’s bag so she could write home. But I didn’t expect any calls, emails or letters. In fact, when I unpacked her bag, they had been shoved to the bottom under all the laundry—and it made me so happy! Lillian just loved camp, and came back recharged and counting the days until she can do more. She raved about the wakeboarding and waterskiing.­­

This year was extra special because nurse Paulette, her nurse from the first time she fought Leukemia, was at camp for Lillian’s week. And also, Lillian just loves Ken, who she saw every day in the hospital. For the first time, she saw Ken without a mask and she told me: “I love his face!” I can only imagine the joy and emotion they would be seeing in each other’s faces at that moment.

Right now, we’re all going to the salon (Lillian, her 2 sisters and me) for back-to-school cuts. During Lillian’s journey, I lost all my hair, too. I was losing it by the handfuls—it was worse than being pregnant. So I’m colouring my now short hair pink, Lillian is going for purple and her sisters are getting mermaid blue and deep burgundy. Lillian really wants her hair to grow back so we’re committed to making it as cute as possible for every step of the journey.
—Hope, Lillian’s mom

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